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Striped Giraffe Has Become an SAP Gold Service Partner

by Marek Sodolski

11 Oct 2019 • 3 min read

SAP Service Partners focus exclusively on the implementation of customer projects, not on selling software licences. These strictly selected companies are proven and established systems integrators that provide strategic business consulting, system design, solution integration, as well as comprehensive implementation of SAP software.

Only numerous, very high scores that come directly from customers allow SAP to recognize its cooperating company with a Gold Service Partner status. That’s why we are so proud to announce we have just been awarded with this prestigious distinction.

Striped Giraffe has become an SAP Gold Service Partner for its proven expertise in SAP software implementation and customization what has been reflected in numerous outstanding customer references and ratings.

As far as cooperation with SAP is considered, Striped Giraffe specializes in developing international e-commerce solutions with SAP (Hybris) Commerce as their engine. These diverse projects have been carried out for both B2C retailers and B2B companies offering a wide range of products and services.


Excellence in delivering global e‑commerce projects

In order to be able to assess the context of this recognition, let us briefly define how we approach the process of developing an international e‑commerce platform.

This is usually a task that starts with an analysis of the current business processes and design of the future ones. Within the scope, there are customer journey analysis as well as user interface (UI) design and business process definitions.

The right plan of the system architecture enables integration with current and future IT systems, so that the e-commerce platform can be easily and quickly adapted to the next level of business challenges.

Finally, it’s the art of choosing the right feature set so that proof of concepts can be delivered within weeks rather than years. It is the cooperation with the client on setting the development plan of the platform for the next few months and quarters, because the pace of changes in business makes e-commerce a continuous development, not a single project.

It is also the art of managing a project team to act in an effective and pragmatic way, always keeping in mind the good of the project and the client’s business success. This is undoubtedly the art of communication between the project stakeholders — open, professional and friendly, focusing on solving the challenges and looking for opportunities.

Finally, we feel deeply satisfied when our client is experiencing a significant increase in online turnovers generated by the platform designed and implemented with our help, or they have positive and enthusiastic feedback from their customers.


What does an SAP Gold Partner status mean for potential clients?

When looking for a technical vendor to design and implement a global e-commerce solution based on the SAP Commerce platform, customers should definitely take into account whether the companies considered have an SAP Service Partner status and what kind of partnership it is. This information can help them narrow the field and screen out unqualified providers.

The main purpose of the SAP Service Partner distinction is to help SAP customers to determine whether a potential IT vendor has the appropriate expert qualifications to carry out and — what’s most important — succesfully complete (deliver) the project.

In this respect, the customers of a company having a SAP Gold Partner status can expect the highest standards of project preparation and its implementation.

Many of Striped Giraffe’s clients mentioned that they feel as if our fellow workers were employees of their own company, thus emphasizing the focus on the client’s goals, the good of the project and the desire to ensure a good and effective atmosphere of cooperation.

Gunnar Rohde, Striped Giraffe CEO underlines: “We do care. About the project. About customer’s business success. About all people in the project.”

Striped Giraffe has reached the level of a SAP Gold Service Partner not because of the partnership fees paid but thanks to our numerous customer references which confirmed the SAP authorities that we are one of the most effective IT service providers implementing SAP e-commerce solutions in Europe.
Gunnar Rohde, CEO of Striped Giraffe

Our status of a SAP Gold Service Partner should convince potential customers that if they want a smooth, timely and high-quality implementation of their e-commerce ideas to quickly start making money, Striped Giraffe is one of the best choices for them across the whole Europe.



We would like to thank our clients for their high evaluation of the cooperation with Striped Giraffe. We are proud that we can work for you in so many industries — automotive, pharmaceutical, construction tools, food and many others. It is a great honor to work for you and your customer’s satisfaction!


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