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Striped Giraffe Technology Camp in Janów Podlaski

by Marek Sodolski

29 May 2019 • 1 min read

For four days in May the castle in Janów Podlaski turned into a discussion forum on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for e-commerce solutions.

More than a hundred of our experts from 15 countries discussed technologies, development processes and continuous support for digital solutions.

We discussed object detection with ResNet and Striped Giraffe’s Smart Tiger Framework. This technology (leveraging deep Residual Learning) – among other things – enables the recognition of objects or characters on photos and video materials.

One of the highlights of the discussion was a presentation of multiple analytical enhancements that could help drive e-commerce – from planning tasks such as forecasting and seasonality extraction to operational support through reorder optimization.

Taking a global e-commerce platform supported by Striped Giraffe as an example, we discussed micro-front ends, microservice architectures and fast session storage.

We talked about the optimization of continuous deployment and continuous localization.

We discussed novelties in the offers of partners: new versions of SAP (Hybris) Commerce, Gigya SSO integration, Google feeds, country rollouts automation or AWS code deployment.

JavaScript Test Automation and topics related to Kubernetes could not be missing.

The meeting in Janów was also an opportunity to learn about the charms of the Podlasie region in Eastern Poland.


Presentation on development processes and tools - Docker, Kubernetes cluster and node

Photo: Paweł Święs

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